Why choose Qatar Domain Name?

I am .QA

What is a Qatar Domain Name?

Your Domain Name is your online identity. It helps connect you or your company to the world and using a Qatar domain shows you are uniquely Qatar! 

It’s your Country. It’s your Domain. 

Qatar Domains Registry manages Qatar’s Country Code Top Level Domain Names, "CCTLD," which includes domains which are offered through Accredited Registrars and other closed domains related to Qatari institutions which means you must register your domain name directly from the Qatar Domains Registry. Qatar is among the first countries in the world to be able to offer domain names in Arabic, قطر. domain represents Qatar’s Arabic language online identity . 
Qatar domains available through approved registrars are: .qa, .com.qa, .net.qa, .name.qa and Arabic قطر.


The domains that are registered directly from the Qatar Domains Registry are : .gov.qa, .mil.qa, .org.qa, .edu.qa and .sch.qa.


Why Should You Purchase a .qa domain name?

  • Because most of the domain names under the .com, .net, and .org structures are already registered, .qa domain names allow a business to avoid obscure wording or creative but often misleading domain names. The restrictions on who can buy a .qa domain name helps businesses secure a reliable and user-friendly registry.
  • .qa domain names offer regional credibility on the World Wide Web. Moving away from the global market and moving toward more personalized customer care is a popular trend today, and .qa domain name is the best way to do so. Regional identification and branding can give a business an advantage against being lost on the other more saturated extensions.
  • As the saturation of the Web continues, .qa domain names offer new businesses the best opportunities to be known. Without settling for the obscurer names available on the usual domain name extensions and by taking advantage of localizing the Web, an online business or individual website can protect itself from being lost among the many.

Benefits of owning Qatar Domain Names:

Qatar Domains are the best way to connect with people in Qatar, across the Arab World and around the globe. Just like Qatar’s rising world reputation, using a Qatar Domain will help you grow in profile. 

Qatar is known as being a progressive, thriving and innovative country. Using a Qatar Domain helps position you as a leader.



With most of the traditional .com, .net and .org names already registered, using a Qatar Domain lets you choose the domain name you want, without having to try obscure or misleading names. Try our WHOIS Domain search and see what's out there!


Connect locally through Qatar Domains, sharing with people your valued identity – uniquely Qatar.

Search Engine Optimized Benefits:

You won’t be lost with a Qatar Domain. It helps you get noticed in the search engines and gets you listed in country specific directories, helping you reach your targets locally and globally.


Qatar Domains Registry takes security seriously and you can be confident that your domain and your information are secured to the highest standards.