Registrars FAQ

What is a registrar?
Registrars process name registrations for domain name registrants and then send the necessary domain name system (DNS) information to a registry for entry into the centralized registry database. The registrar database contains customer information in addition to the DNS information contained in the registry database. 
How to become a registrar?
Please contact us at registrars@domains.qa to get full information on how to become an accredited registrar.
What are the technical requirements for becoming a registrar?
Registrars must demonstrate full and correct operation of their systems within the Operational Test and Evaluation (OT&E) environment before connecting to the Qatar Domains Registry System. Registrar software and system requirements depend on each company's expertise, business model, and registration volume. A low-volume registrar may require modest infrastructure investment; a high-volume operation may require a significant investment in people, software, hardware, and network services.
Is it possible to offer domain name registration without becoming a registrar?
You do not have to be a registrar to offer registration services. For example, small and medium-sized Web hosting and design companies can partner with certified registrars to resell the domain name managed by Qatar Domain Registry in their local markets. Social networking and community sites might resell .name.qa to help customers establish an individual identity online. Such partnerships are known as Resellers, and will have a formal relationship with an Accredited Registrar.