QEPT is now an Accredited Registrar with us for .qa, .com.qa, .net.qa, name.qa and قطر.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

QEPT was established in 2002 as a branch of Qatar Information & Marketing (QIM), QEPT boasts of a core competent team of experienced and highly qualified professionals providing IT solutions and services. Their strength lies in providing smart solutions for business and technology, to an extensive clientele in Qatar and beyond.

QEPT has gained enough experience and expertise over the years. Now, partnering with Qatar Domains Registry as an Accredited Registrar of .qa, .com.qa, .net.qa, name.qa and قطر. domain names, QEPT is set to expand its business range. As a Registrar they plan to bundle their gamut of web solutions with every domain purchase, unless the customer wishes to register just the domain name.

For Qatar Domains Registry, this accreditation forms a step forward in ensuring that end-customers, in pursuit of their desired domains, are offered more options in choosing the right Registrar and package that suits their business and personal requirements. Moreover, the competitive offering, support and reach offered by the Registrars makes it a more reliable and appropriate option for prospective Registrants. Qatar Domains Registry, in its quest to partner with selective Registrars with robust technical infrastructure and reliable services, is glad to welcome QEPT as a new Registrar.

We plan to strengthen the online presence of Qatari domains with local and regional Registrars to establish a global reach to Qatar’s online presence. With this addition we currently have 3 Accredited Registrars within Qatar, and a total of 14 Registrars throughout the world. For a complete list of Registrars refer to the link.