AEserver FZE | An accredited Registrar for .QA and قطر.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Qatar Domains Registry has added a new member to its Registrar community with the accreditation of AEserver FZE. Operating out of their office in United Arab Emirates, this new Registrar forms a strategic partner in expanding the reach and adoption of Qatar’s domain name space to businesses and individuals in the Arab region at large.
AEserver FZE was founded back in 2005 as a small business which quickly grew into a pioneer in domain name and web solutions arena in the UAE. The new Registrar brings over 10 Years of experience in managing the operations of the domains business in the Gulf region. AEserver boasts of being one of the leading providers of domain name registration services, UAE and offshore server hosting and an array of allied Web Services. AEserver is now expanding its horizons by partnering with Qatar Domains Registry to offer .QA and .قطر   domain names. For Qatar Domains Registry, this accreditation forms a step forward in ensuring that end customers in pursuit of their desired domains are offered more options in choosing a Registrar and a right package that suits their business and personal requirements. Moreover, the competitive offering, support and reach offered by a Registrars makes it a more reliable and appropriate option for prospective Registrants.

Qatar Domains Registry, in its quest to partner with selective Registrars with robust technical infrastructure and reliable services is glad to welcome AEserver FZE as a Registrar. AEserver FZE will now be able to offer .QA and قطر. domain registrations to the end users not just in the region but across the world.
We plan to strengthen the online presence of Qatari domains with .QA Registrars from diverse geographies to establish a global reach strategically. With this addition we currently have 13 accredited Registrars. For a complete list of Registrars refer to the link.