‘Qatar Domains’ Mobile App goes Live

Monday, April 8, 2013

Qatar Domains Registry unveils its newly introduced Mobile App ‘Qatar Domains’ to assist everyone in search for the perfect .QA orقطر. domain name on the go.

Businesses and entrepreneurs need to move at the speed of innovation and having the right domain name for their website is essential. The release of this app falls in line with the increased adoption and consumer curiosity of smartphones and tablets across the globe and particularly in Qatar.

Free download available from Apple or Android App Stores

The Qatar Domains app is currently available in English, with Arabic coming up soon, and is free to download on all iPhone, iPad and Android based smartphones using the search keywords – Qatar Domains.

Just follow this link to an Apple store at http://goo.gl/D6DTz, or Android users can download it at http://goo.gl/pPwBN.

How to Use?

image.pngOnce installed, the App opens up with an appealing Home Screen that gives a quick glance at the most widely used options available. From the home screen one can click on the quick buttons to easily navigate to one of the following options:

A.      Find Your Domain  – Allows check availability of the desired domain under the selected domain extension. This is the most widely used and a prominent feature on the app.

B.      Why Qatar Domain   – Aims to provide concise description and the advantages of having a Qatari Domain.

C.      Registrars – A list of all Accredited Registrars.

D.      News – Quick links to the Registry website’s news feed.

E.       Contact Us   – Registry Contact Information with a quick message submission form.

F.       More – Scrolls down to more options. This option is not visible when the device is flipped laterally.

Find Your Domain feature:

The APP will allow consumers to take advantage of all Registry services on their smart devices, let alone the most important functionality viz. checking the domain availability.

On this screen the user can enter the desired Domain Name and Select an appropriate Domain extension of your choice. Depending on the availability of the desired domain and selected extension, the resulting screen will display one of the following options: 

  • Direct the user to a link of all the accredited Registrars to choose from, in order to complete the registration process, in case of .qa and قطر.
  • Provide the user with next steps in the accreditation process in case of closed zones viz. .gov.qa, .edu.qa, etc.
  • Allow the user to search for an alternative domain if the earlier one shows ‘Unavailable’.

image.pngMore: This button on the home screen scrolls up the menu to display some of the more interesting features and information, from the Registrant perspective, that are embedded as quick buttons as follows:

1.)    Recover Password – Also known as ‘Domain Secret’ in industry terms, is valuable for many reasons including transfer of Customers Domain name from one Registrar to another making this a must-have APP for existing customers.

2.)    WHOIS Domain – If you ever wondered, who registered a domain name that you were looking for, this is the button you will need to click. In addition to the Registrant contact information, the results page will also provide technical information like status of the domain and Name Server information.

3.)    Policies – Links to all relevant policies relevant for Registrants (Individual, Government or Corporate End users) and Registrars.

4.)    About – Information about Qatar Domains Registry

5.)    FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions answered now on your small screen.

6.)    App info – Information about the App

image.pngOther Features

The APP ensures optimum utilization of resources given the limited screen size available.

The Social Media buttons (Facebook, Twitter and Youtube) at the bottom of the home screen allow for easy following and sharing of the Qatar Domains Registry updates from within the APP.

Users can navigate to any screen using the charmingly intuitive logo that pulls out the entire menu of available buttons from the right side of the screen or one can even choose to go back to the home screen from the top left ‘Home’ button.

All interactions of the app are guarded by the same security precautions as the Registry’s main website, which assures customers that their personal details will remain secure.

We are heading towards interesting times when we can quantify the success of this APP and measure its efficiency primarily by way of seeking feedback from the users.

Go ahead and download the ‘Qatar Domains’ APP to search and register your desired domain now!!